*Quick note, this is a short story

Silence was broken by a barely audiable sigh. I twirled my pencil in my hand, thinking about what to draw. I was currently in my bedroom, laying stomach down on the bed and surrounded by unfinished and hasty sketches. I had an art block. I didn't know what to draw, yet inspiration usually always finds me. My luck must've run out, however, since I was not feeling the tiniest bit of inspiration. I heaved another sigh and got up, shuffling towards the open window. I watched for a while. The scene was beautiful. Trees were spread more or less evenly on the ground, with the sun dipping low behind them, casting pink, purple, and orange lights carelessly across the sky. Wisps of clouds floated gracefully here and there. The leaves on the treees seemed to be dancing in the wind, with the birds swooping down occasionally, as if they were part of the circus. A smile finding it's way to my lips, I picked up my pencil and walked back to my bed, finding a new sheet of paper. I had found the inspiration I needed.


Sometimes the light you need is closer than you think. 

Published by Crystal Lunar