Yeah, yeah I am well aware of the fact that this post is a week overdue, but as I said in yesterday’s upload – the first upload for December 2019 that’s to be featured as the next Art for XXXX post – a lot of stuff happened recently and honestly blogging was the last thing on my mind during that time, so I apologise.

But guess what, now I am back, more or less anyway. Let’s get all the ugh stuff out of the way first, shall we? Unfortunately I won’t be taking part in this month’s art-month challenge, especially since it’s already the third and I haven’t even had the chance to go look the prompts up yet. Secondly, I won’t be uploading any YouTube videos for the rest of the year, which technically is this month, mostly because YouTube has been so unpredictable lately, but if things go well, the next YouTube video should be uploaded within the first month of the next year, so fingers crossed on that one! As for messages, I still need to get around to actually looking at messages on Twitter, but for people constantly spamming my site – seriously people, get a life. No one likes an ad spammer. No one.

Sorry to be so frank, but you guys wouldn’t believe how many ad spammer comments I get sometimes. Now on to the main topic – art for November 2019! I’m honestly writing this post with way more energy than I currently posses, but oh well. All I really uploaded this month was headshot sketches from 2018 but who knows, maybe next year I’ll have some 2020 headshots and might have hopefully improved on them.

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