At some stage of life most of us have come across the story of origin of life but a few of us have ever heard about the story of art forms. The history of art forms dated back to million years ago. Each and everything related to human being has developed in due course of evolution of human and their needs. Even though they seems just intangible imprints of human life but they plays a great role in development and evolution of human being. The earliest art forms were to communicate  among members of groups of hunter gatherer. Art forms depict the social environment that influence the life of that area they mostly consist of living and non living creatures that have some important place in our day to day life  e.g. one horned rhino was very prevalent in Indus valley civilization and has its won holy significance.

As many of us dissociate themselves from art forms claiming that they are least interested in art, but art is no separate from life. They are contemporary to each other. The way we live, response, sense, act all  is art form and we often misinterpret it with murals and painting.

Similar to life, art forms are continuously evolving, the only  difference is the pace of progress. Art makes life soothing and keep on reminding us with our history, belongings and future.

Published by refueled 10X