Does Art or the artist does have anything to do with terrorism?

We all are aware that the answer is "No". On the recent attack at Uri, where 18 sleeping soldiers were killed by the Pak terrorist has changed the answer. The nation has demanded for an answer from the present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

India is known to be a neutral country that believes in peace but it seems that countries like Pakistan has understood it wrong, thinking it to be "the act of being mute".  On the demand of Nation, the administrators has given the orders of surgical strike at POK(Pakistan occupied Kashmir), which is actually a part of India. In the strike action, as per reports, there were many small terror camps just lying within the borders. The question here arises- Does Pak Army domesticate them in their territory so that Indian Army and people can suffer in terror attacks. Instead of letting the terrorist stand on the Border like terrorist why don't they employ them in their own Army. Just because the Army, say it be of any country cannot harm local humans, they can only fight for the nation against the soldiers of the opponent.


Till this part, the story comes with the moral of TIT for TAT.

In the next part, let me drag you towards the inside story. there are many Pak artist like Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam etc who were working in Bollywood. A small political party MNS, lead by the great Thackery Son has raised the question- what has the Pak artist has to say about the dead soldiers. This question was so loud that the attention of every Indian started asking this. In response, the fans of these Pak artist have received no response. There were slogans of - Pak Artist should leave India. Some of the prominent actors of Bollywood even came in support of these artist saying that the Artist work here and are being given the work visa by the Indian Govt. Other halves came in front that they should be banned as country comes first. It is extremely shameful to find such people coming in the front as this was the best time to hit the hot iron, if competitors are out from the fraternity, they can easily get the films next time. The Pak artist worked here cause Indians have liked them, they were not forced to work here. It was the strong fan following, the presence of art in their work. It is really important to ask them for their support at the time crisis?

 When there's an earthquake, we feel like saving our own mom instead of neighbors. Then why should we ask for their views. If also they have said that "we are sorry for whatever has happened", their own country would have disowned them. They are also aware that what is positive & what is negative. The silence was the best answer to save their own life and family staying inside the terror country at PAKISTAN. Being a fan doesn't mean only to watch their movies, we are actually no one to harass them. India has sung together "Simon go back" in 1946 as they nestled themselves in others land. That was correct & that's why it was the voice of togetherness. But now, we are differentiating as some are in favor & some are not. It looked to be completely violating "Atithi Devo bhava". The Pak artist have left long back but the heated arguments are still hovering in Bollywood which is also deviating the news channels from soldiers at borders to Party's publicity. Being Indians, the voice should speak justice for soldiers and the past terror attacks instead of new born publicity stunt by small political parties.



Published by Shreyasi Das