The development of artificial intelligence (AI) offers endless opportunities in just about every sector in the world from internet apps to the defense sector. Within these endless opportunities, it's difficult to say what could happen in the next decade.

The first nation to develop AI that works alongside that of molecular manufacturing will have a massive technological advantage over the rest of the world, which in theory could set up a global empire. We can see that borders are eroding when it comes to that of the Internet as we enter a new digital age of enlightenment.

Anyone can easily connect to the internet and with NBN plans, it's easier to do now than ever before. Web hosting that's incorporating AI has become a great experience for both the public and private sectors and is providing value in a variety of ways which we will cover today.

The Rise of Machine Learning

Most of us already know that the integration of machines using software along with the internet is huge right now. AI has been worked into the mix of the software that runs these programs that bridges to the devices. We can see this is true from large experimental devices like self-driving vehicles to seemingly smaller apps within platforms on the web like that of AI chatbots with predictive capabilities.

However, many of these processes need that of web hosting, and even that is being absorbed with AI today. If these systems could be properly regulated, then AI learning could help improve the user experience.

AI Improved Web Hosting Advantages

AI has proven to be an invaluable tool in web hosting, and it includes the following benefits:

  • Self-Maintaining – When something goes wrong in the hosting environment, there is no longer the need for extensive IT staff to find and fix the problem as the AI has self-diagnostic tools to focus optimizing its performance at all times. The AI can also send alerts to IT professionals if it is unable to resolve a problem.

  • Improved Security – Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities within software and gateways. However, with AI it is able to find digital threats quickly by using specific algorithms as it can recognize patterns when potential dangers arise.

  • Upgrades – AI can recommend users to consider specific upgrades being released or practice due diligence. AI can be trained to look for just about anything, and then in turn use that information using forecasting trends to recommend the best outcomes.

  • AI in the Cloud – The cloud can have millions of parameters and AI could take the guess work out of these algorithms to optimize web hosting workflows.

  • Police the Web – Thanks to AI algorithm learning, there are always going to be loopholes to people's different culture and ideology. By training AI companies can now police web hosting to provide protection for a user when it comes to preventative methods. This can range from anything from hate speech to even digitally tracking criminals who use back channels for criminal activities.

Final Thoughts

There is and will continue to be a variety of opportunities for people who invest their time and talents into AI's potential. Many technological giants around the globe are pushing into new ideas and ways to expand AI as it appears, we are in a race to dominate the tech sector.

We've seen the significant role and advantage that AI plays in web hosting, and it makes you wonder where we as a global collective society could go from here? However, the future will only tell what's truly possible for AI and the development it holds.

Published by Andre Smith