Researchers at the Isreal's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University tested artificial sweeteners along with ten sports drinks that contained them.

They discovered that otherwise healthy bacteria found in the digestive system became toxic when they came into contact with even one mg/ml (less than one-hundredth of a teaspoon) of the artificial sweeteners.

Six popular artificial sweeteners approved by the U.S., FDA Food and Drug Administration

  • aspartame
  • sucralose
  • neotamesaccharine
  • advantame
  • acesulfame potassium k

According to content in this new paper published in Molecules, these artificial sweetners were all found to be toxic to digestive gut microbes.



The danger of artificial sweeteners to overall gut health begs to question why?

Why have artificial sweeteners been so widely promoted, distributed, and laced  for so long in so many widely used food & beverage products considering the tested dangers of such an additive?

Now the 'ball' (awareness) is now in the court of the consumer. Surely, as the preference for quality becomes increasingly desirable consumers will continue to demand more accountability of companies they utilize for their consumption of goods and services.