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i felt someone staring at me before i looked up, slightly irritated and piercing glare at the ready. oh. my annoyance melted away as i locked eyes with the cute boy i had been sneaking occasional surreptitious glances at ever since i arrived in the morning. 

i had been haunting this cafe ever since i found its half-hidden existence a month ago at a secluded corner of an alley well-known for its cafes. inevitably, i gradually became familiar with the faces of the few customers who visited regularly…one of whom was this very good-looking stranger. 

we had never exchanged a word, no, but i had mentally dubbed him "artist boy" because he was always sketching away in a sketchbook. sometimes, he even brought his watercolors. i had always wanted to see what he was working on, but i didn't dare to ask. i was more of the "gaze from afar" kind of girl. 

right now, his eyes widened as he realized i had caught him staring at me. his cheeks flushed an adorable shade of pink. i blushed too, as my heart fluttered delightedly. 

"i-um-oh god, this is so embarrassing. i'm so sorry," he half stumbled over his chair as he stood hastily and crossed over to my table. i bit my lip to stifle the laughter bubbling up in me. 

"okay, first things first, i promise i'm not a creep, staring at you for no reason. i just-ah...i've been using you as my muse." oh my, he was really cute. 

"your what?" the blush on his cheeks darkened. he pushed his sketchbook towards me abruptly. 

i leant forward for a better look, and gasped. on the page, was a perfect likeness of me sketched with black chalk. my freckles, my unruly hair...everything was captured flawlessly. 

"woah," i breathed. "i mean, wow. this is amazing." my heart was currently in serious danger of going into cardiac arrest. he rubbed his neck nervously. 

"you don't mind, do you?" are you kidding me? um, obviously not. 

"no, of course. i'm super touched, no one's...well...no one's ever done this for me before," i admitted, a wide grin sneaking across my face. 

"i don't see why," he looked away sheepishly. "you're really pretty." 

oh, boy. i'm in deep now. i think i might be in love. 

Published by Erika Wong