Part III: The Value of Choice


Evidently, the arts can be, and are, equally as useful, interesting and engaging as any other subject and it’s so depressing to see young and older people alike being discouraged from the thing that they love as its seen as not viable for a stable job or future. “But you want to be able to live don’t you? You can’t get a good job in art” Or in one particularly memorable instance someone told me as he sneered down his nose, “so you’ll be printing t-shirts then?” That’s all well and good, but when you place money over everything you love and have fun with in your life, you not only limit your aspirations and imaginations, you limit yourself.

That’s not to mean that your dreams and aspirations have to be of a particular kind or adhere to a particular kind of value. That’s the complete opposite of my point. You should be able to have the choice to decide what is valuable to you. Not dictated by a limited curriculum which coerces one particular kind of value from you. Education should always be open and unrestricted, we should strive for places of learning and debate rather than institutions preparing drones for a particular job in life, without ever getting a taste for what lies beyond that. Even if you just fancy dipping your toes into the sea outside your usual boundaries and comfort zone then you have been able to experiment, play and progress your knowledge of something else and then are able to take that back to your own passions and ambitions.

 Luckily, I know that there are also innumerous people within education who want this to be the case as well, and for every horror story, there is also an uplifting one with teachers encouraging and supporting students in every possible way with passion and fortitude. I myself have been exceptionally fortunate to have been surrounded by such people, who always supported me in doing what was best for me and what was most valuable in my life and I hope that one day everyone will get that same kind of support.


The most important part of education, your own choice.

Published by Rebecca Elise