I like to think of the common mistake of writing last year’s digit as filling up today’s date is like a little hangover we all have of the last year; or maybe that’s just me. I have been nothing but slacking off, eating up and for who knows what else. A grand hiatus, you can say. 2017 hasn’t really been sinking in me until today, the last week of January. Yup. Congratulate me now because I just made plans for 2017 and I am so happy and excited about it! I am more than motivated than I’ve ever been and here is why.


I haven’t been writing about life update and stuff but here’s a fast round on. I am almost done with my studies, graduating in college in May and is just finishing the week and my internship will be over. After the internship, I don’t have any other things to do that is school related except for some papers to process and other small things that involves graduation requirements and that’s it, hello career life! It is both terrifying and exciting but I think I’m ready! I really want to be on a publishing company and that’s where I’ll be. First plan for 2017, get a job; and pay taxes and do groceries and feed family and all the other things that adults do. I feel so old but nonetheless, happy!


During my internship and up until now, I’m currently staying at my aunt’s place which is fine, everything comes for free and all but I really really want a place of my own. First plan for 2017 should work out well so I could end up on my second plan which is to get an apartment. The living-alone-and-independently-in-the-city kind of tumblr girl vibe.


The third on the list is this blog. I’ll admit that I don’t have that much of a big audience yet but I also think that it has yet to reach a bigger potential. I honor and believe that side hobbies are important and so, I’ll keep this blog going. I’m really passionate about this and see blogging for a long haul. This year, I swear to get a domain. I’m so excited for reannerilla.com!


Another one of those side hobbies with wishful thinking, is to produce an online magazine. It had been on my mind for a few months already and have started some, but haven’t had the time to focus on it. At first I thought of making it just for practicing layout and writing and for portfolio purposes, but as I go on with it, I became more interested. The content I’m thinking to include are those of art, life, style, travel and other teen culture. I’m still in the process of planning and so. I’m not sure whether I’ll open it up for collaboration or anything. Message me though, if you’re interested. :)


Along with having a good life style and healthy living, this year I’ll devote myself to travel more often when I can. Probably would get a separate jar or something - specifically to save up for travel adventures!


Last, though probably not, is to start a local business as a creative designer. I’m not sure whether to use my last branding or start a new one. I don’t know about that yet but you know, if ever you’re looking for a graphic designer or photographer, layout artist, and website designer, I’ll be here waiting for your message. *winks.

Literally, I’ll be making this year productive for myself and I feel very positive about it. You can tell me about your plans in the comments and I’d be so glad to steal them and make it one of my plans too! Kidding! (no I’m  not). If you’re still on the “hangover” phase and keep writing 2016 instead of 2017 on the date, you know it’s okay and you can start whenever you want. I only started mine today.



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