Finding love online has proven to me that cupids arrow does eventually pierce even the most toughest exteriors. That sometimes what we wish for is rarely packaged the way we had anticipated and at times we have to let the universe do it’s bidding with a gentle nudge, tweak, twist of our minor expectations; what unfolds are moments of incredible memories forever imprinted in our memory bank. It was Dr Seuss who once wrote “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

I met Asante on line and two dates in, countless convos I’m reminded that sometimes patients is a virtue. In him I’m reminded that humility, gallantry, kindness and soulfulness are existent and that romance comes in many forms. He reminds me that love is grace, gentle and respect, that it should be exalted and embraced, irrespective of the countless emotional battle scars we have withered in the past.

In his eyes I met sincerity, in his hugs I met comfort, in his kiss I was whisked to paradise; a discreet island of intimacy where only Claude Monet can match its picturesque grandiose setting, with a stroke of paint. In Asante’s presence I comprehend what Ben Okri meant when he said, “I held you in the square and felt the evening re-order itself around your smile.”

There are moments I’m left contemplating how I arrived at this chapter of like, love, partner and relationship. How I went from a single spinster to a Nubian princess whose heart, beats to the heartbeat of another. Where his smile soothes my apprehensive demeanour, and his cultured aura warms my heart, and all I have to be in his presence, is my Nubian self.

Asante, my introverted self fails in speaking truth in the moment, however what I am are fragments of words that are seamlessly aligned on paper to bring forth life, what I fail in the moment. I’m not making sense, what I’m trying to say is that those silent moments I stare in silence are due to admiration. In those moments I find myself silently capturing the moment in all its beauty and sincerity. In those moments I appreciate God’s creation in your form. In those moments I see you in your authentic self, captured in reality. In those moments I’m reminded of a piece I once read, that puts it all into perspective that you are “God’s masterpiece….. in you, God has made something truly good and beautiful.”

Published by Murunwa Netshisaulu