Ash and Pikachu learn about Aloha

Ash joins the Pokemon school in the Aloha region. He tells his new classmates that Tapu Koko gave him a Z ring. Principal Oak explains the differences between, Aloha Exeggutor and a normal one. He explains that due to "region variant," Pokemon have developed different characteristics. Ash is excited that Executor becomes a dragon and grass type Pokemon, he tries to pet it's tail and is knocked through the air. Lille explains that the tail of Executor has a mind of its own.


Ash receives a surprise welcoming party

Lille and the other throw a surprise party for Ash and Pikachu the following day. Tapu Koko watches as Ash competes with the other trainers in a series of games. Ash and/or Pikachu lose each of them. Tapu Koko arrives during lunch surprising everyone. Ash thanks it for the Z ring, then Tapu Koko steals Ash's hat. Koko begins moving at high speeds and flees to the nearby forests. Ash and Pikachu gives chase, as do all the other trainers.

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Ash and Pikachu battle Tapu Koko

They're challenged to a battle by Tapu Koko. It uses Electric Terrain, then charges at Pikachu knocking it down. Pikachu successfully dodges the next attack, then Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Tapu Koko isn't phased and suggests that Ash should use his Z-move. Together Ash and Pikachu use their Z-move, Gigavolt Havoc. Being hit by the Z-move didn't seem to harm Tapu Koko at all. Ash's Z- crystal disintegrates due to not having done any trails, obviously he decides that he will take the trails.


This episode was a standard intro to the new region, showing us the new abilities of some of the new Pokemon from the Aloha region. Ash's use of the Z move along with Pikachu was impressive visually, but considering the fact that he didn't know how to use, it doesn't make sense. The broken Z-crystal was obviously convenient so Ash can begin his trails. 

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Published by Jerrell Robertson