Can we dream of a Day

When terror n fear will be away

Grenades stop getting counters


Flowers gets strewn in our way

Bloods won’t be spilled

Hue & Cry will stop to beckon

Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Wives

Won’t struggle or worry

In stress

They might lose their near & dear

We will have life to enjoy & reckon

Dwelling in peace & love

Honouring the morning with early prayers

Dancing on the tune of music.

Let’s come out of apprehension

Join the league of peace

Demolish hatred & communal riots

Join hands to dawn Peace on Earth

Bring smiles on every faces

To make each Life worth.

Copyright Ila Varma 21.09.2016

Written on the eve of #InternationalPeaceDay

Published by Ila Varma