An article with a different angle as I step away from Travel to give my thoughts on the Aston Villa Football Club.

As many of you know with my love of travel also comes a strong passion for sport and with that a love of the English Premier League and whilst I don't know much about "The Villa," I do know that it is a proud club with very passionate supporters and one of the oldest in English football being 141 years old.

This season saw Aston Villa relegated from the top flight of English football for the very first time since the Premier League's inception in 1992, that's 24 straight seasons and you would have to go a further 6 seasons back to find the last time the team was relegated from Division 1 football in England.

While some say the demise of this once great club can be taken back a number of years, a club who are only one of five English clubs to win the now U.E.F.A Champions League and fifth highest ranked team in terms of honours by an English club, it came very quickly this season with Villa recording some of its worst statistics in almost a decade. They now sit 3rd all time for lowest points in a premier league season (17) behind Sunderland (15) and Derby County (11.) A season which saw them win only 3 games, a feat not seen since Sunderland in 2005/06.

I recently asked a friend of mine, a lifelong Aston Villa supporter to describe what the club means to him. He replied with "although Villa might not be life or death it seems like it sometimes, but the best way to describe it is that I didn't choose villa, villa chose me! It is a love that never dies even in its most darkest of days, Aston Villa the name is steeped in history, pride and passion, its a name I wear with pride no matter how bad or good they are. As they say Born Breath and Live Villa, its certainly an obsession and a name that will go on long after I have left this claret and blue world."

That to me speaks volumes of how proud this clubs supporters are and it showed especially watching the clubs games this season, seeing the fans anguish as this proud, successful club were struggling at the bottom of the table. I for one hope that they can turn it around next season in the Championship and return to the Premier League where they deserve to be, but first there are a lot of questions to be answered, especially from the board.


Published by Jackson Mahoney