,,Pick the right one."

I've heard that some people are now comparing life to a colorful book.
Painting it with their memories.
Imagine every single page covered with a meaningful tale to tell the others.
Every page covered with all of the correct colors carefully picked from the pallet.

Some people on the other hand like to paint their life in the black and white motion.
They go through their lives ignoring all the, let's say, happy colors.
Simply swimming through the smoke, not in the crowd, without the flamboyant vision of life.
It is up to them to change it, no one can force them to smile, no one can force them do what they don't want to do- not even to paint their page in colors. 

Sometimes I tend to think it is all about the way of life or about the way you look at the world.
Either it is through well-known sweet naive pink glasses or through thick black glass where no one can see your eyes.

I will never ask you to be 100% identified with it, but if you think about it and connect it with your old memory from your teen age or whatever, suddenly you feel something "old" popping up in your mind. Isn't it interesting?

Life is simply how you make it , how you live it, because if you realize that you messed up at the end- after that nothing is worse than too late. 

Nina ∞ 

P.s: This is my first article here and I can't be happier to be a part of something like this! 


Published by Nina S