(n.) Fear of being left behind; Morbid fear of being forgotten

You think leaving is hard?

Well, yes. It's hard but it's harder to be left behind.

It is always harder to be the one who stays than to be that one who leaves.

It is always harder to be on that one's foot who says, "You left me."

Than on that one who says, "I'm sorry."

Yes. It's harder that's why I'm afraid.

I am afraid to forget, be forgotten, be ignored and be replaced.

I am afraid to be left behind.

I am afraid but I have to let go and accept that there are things which are far beyond our control.

I am afraid but I have to face the cold harsh truth that there are people whom I can't live without, can live without me.


Words and artwork by Ethelou.

Published by Rea Lakwatsera