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Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom is a pretty good game and I have definitely enjoyed the game so far. The game really resembles the Manga and the Anime. What I really like about this game is the art style. The art style in this game is stunning and every character has a fantastic design. I especially like the designs for Mikasa and Levy. The visuals in this game are also very impressive. The story in this game is also incredible and I like the way this game stays true to the Anime and The Manga. If you play games for the story then you will enjoy the story this game has to offer. 

The voice acting in this game is incredible and the combat is very challenging. That being said the game is extremely repetitive and the controls can take a while to get used to. The game is definitely fun but after hours of playing the game will become extremely repetitive and for the average gamer this game this game can become a complete bore. 

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The game has a nice variety of missions. It can be extremely fun doing missions and the incredible narrative makes the game even better. The environments are also extremely large so that means there is enough space for everything. This game is not a game for everyone. For some, the game will be boring and for others, the game will be extremely fun. If you enjoyed the anime and manga then you will enjoy this game and you will appreciate what this game has to offer. I love taking down Titans in this game. It’s always my goal to take down the Titans. I adore the characters in this game. There all different and they all have different personalities. My favorite character in the game would be Eren. The reason why this particular character is my favorite is because he has a goal in mind. He fights to take down the Titans to save humanity. 

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This game is filled with a lot of content so it will take you a long time before you finish doing everything. I recommend you watch the anime before playing the game to understand the story much better. The anime is brilliant so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the anime. This game is a pretty good game but it does have a few major issues. Like, for example, the camera in this game is pretty bad and it can go haywire at times. The camera can become extremely annoying when it goes crazy. The game also has a few frame-rate drops now and again. Overall the game is a very good game. If you like Attack On Titan then I recommend this game to you. 

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