What happened in Turkey last night and why should you care?

Last night the Turkish military attempted a coup but by morning it appeared clear that it was not successful. With all the confusion and conflicting reports you might wonder if a failed coup is good or bad.  Let me help you understand why this happened and what the consequences are now that the military has failed in their attempt to get control.

First of all it's helpful to know the reason for the military taking this action. The purpose of the coup was to bring down the increasingly religious dominated government and restore Turkey's secular government. The President of Turkey is Recip Erdogan. He has been described as increasingly power-hungry. He has been on a quest to re-make the country in his image which has been called 'the new Turkey'.  

With the failure of the coup, Erdogan will be more powerful and dangerous. The people of Turkey are sure  to experience tougher crackdowns on free speech, and of course freedom of religion. This is bad news for the Turkish people but especially for Christians who are living or traveling in Turkey. 

So the future in Turkey doesn't look very good right now. Much of the world is in turmoil and the future seems dark. This all leads to more questions---

  • How should we react to current events?
  • is there reason to hope?
  • Where can we find answers?

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I will be back soon with some good news.

If you can't stand to wait go to this link https://everydaywiththeking.com/2016/03/23/anxious/




Published by Lynn Bradley