Beauty Bloggers (and consumers): You are many and you are MIGHTY.

You hold so much power in your hands, whether you realize it or not.  When you write a great review on a product, with GORG pictures to go with it, people buy that product.  I mean, I know I do!

What if you could use that power you have, and do something amazing with it.  Help to change the world or at least make it a bit better.

You can.

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Lemme shout out some popular beauty brands:

Bobbi Brown
Estée Lauder
Head & Shoulders
M.A.C. Cosmetics
Mary Kay

Clean & Clear
Johnson & Johnson
Old Spice
St. Ives

What do these products have in common?

They all test on animals.  

Those aren’t even all of the companies.

And I’m sure most of you are rolling you your eyes now, or thinking “I don’t care about mice or a few bunnies.”

It’s not just mice.  They test on cats and dogs as well.

Yes, the majority are rats and mice, but there are still companies that test on our little buddies.

Do you have a pet?  Look at them right now, and picture them being tested on.  Look at that face.  Would you let that cute little face be strapped down, shaved, and essentially tortured?  These products don’t hurt us, because they hurt these animals first.

I understand how animal testing helps develop the medical world.  I don’t like it, but I get it.

But beauty products?  Is your makeup REALLY so important that it needs to be tested on animals?  And think about it… They’re using so many chemicals that they have to see if it will hurt you first?


So I’m telling you now, you can change this.

Stop buying those brands.  Stop giving those companies money.  And start blogging about it.

Use your voice.  Use your power.

Try out these products:



Yayyyy!!!  Also add E.L.F. to that list!  And those are only the most popular! There are many more! 

You can work with those brands, right?!  RIGHT!!

And those of you that aren't beauty bloggers, you can still help.  Don't buy those products.

I didn’t add any pictures of animal testing to this post because they were too disgusting and upsetting.  I wanted to because it was a picture that made me finally go cruelty-free…  But I don’t want to force any disturbing images on you.  Just like me, a simple google search might be the motivation you need.  It is truly horrifying.  And not worth it for lipstick and shampoo.

STOP giving your money to people that test on animals, and start giving it to those companies that know animal testing is wrong.

Your beauty is not worth it.

Let’s make the world a little brighter.

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Avoid these companies! They DO test on animals (updated in 2016). #crueltyfree:

Published by Anna Morsillo