Not everyone would believe in that but Bangladesh is slowly becoming the biggest market of Japanese cars. Bangladesh is the country of 163 million people with the flourishing economy. That is why the Japanese automobile manufacturers took great interest in this market and conquered it earlier than the introduction of cars from other brands. But one name that stands out the most in Bangladesh and became a huge success story in this market is Auction House Japan.

The Auction House Japan is one of the prime auto exporting company with the presences around the world. After conquering numerous markets, the Auction House Japan set foot in the Bangladeshi market and from the first day is winning the hearts of not only car dealers but also individuals. The Auction House Japan with its used auction cars in Bangladesh is providing the best and most accessible services of car importing from the Japanese auction houses.

There are numerous reasons why the Auction House Japan is so favorite in Bangladesh. To give you a better idea of this, in the next lines of this article I am going to list down few of the services of this leading auto exporter which will make you also believe that Auction House Japan is here to rock Bangladesh market.

Thoroughly inspected Vehicles:

One of the many features and qualities of the Auction House Japan is their process of listing cars on the portal. The Auction House Japan, in order to keep the services at the utmost standards, make sure that every car they offer you is according to the quality of international standards. The AHJ has their own team of expert auto mechanics who are specialized in inspecting used Japanese cars and doing minor alteration and modifications to turn any car into the gold standard.

Lowest Service Charges:

Bangladesh market is still in its growing phase. That is another reason why the Auction House Japan is an ideal auto exporting company for them because it gets lowest service charges among all the other auto exporting companies in Bangladesh. Apart from its smooth services and numerous qualities, the AHJ is the most cost-effective auto exporting company in Japan. This company export the best quality used Japanese cars to Bangladesh in the shortest and through the safest route without charging a lot.

This doesn’t end here, instead of increasing their service charges due to a great response like other companies the AHJ is constantly working on keeping their charges as low as possible by containing the service quality and level of customer satisfaction.

Fastest and Safest Freight:

After paying the months of savings to the auto exporting company, one thing that every Bangladeshi wants is to get the wheels of his newly imported Japanese car in the hands. This is where the AHJ is winning the hearts of Bangladesh again. The Auction House Japan has the specialty in picking up the fastest freight to export every car from Japan. Our expert team analyze all the freighting companies every time before exporting every car and find out which ship will reach the shores of the desired country in the minimum time. After that, the team scrutinizes the safety procedures and the past track record of the freight before exporting any car to any specific country. For Bangladesh, the Auction House Japan has partnered with the best shipping company in the world to cater the entire market of Bengal and to rule the roads of Dhaka and Chittagong.

Biggest stock of used Japanese cars:

The backbone of Auction House Japan success and quality of cars are those Japanese auction houses that auction used cars almost every week. The AHJ has very strong connections and networks in the top auto auction houses of Japan. Due to these auto auction houses, the AHJ is able to pull of the biggest stock of the used Japanese cars.

The AHJ is one of very few auto exporting company which have the stock of over a thousand cars. This stock contains the cars from every top Japanese automobile manufacturing brand like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan and numerous others. All of these cars have been won through the fair bidding in the best auto auction houses of Japan namely TAA, USS, HAA, JU, NAA and numerous others. These are few of the names with which the AHJ do business and buy cars to export all over the world from Japan. The AHJ with these auto auction houses is fulfilling the needs of the Japanese cars in Bangladesh and providing an opportunity to the Bengali nation to take the experience of Japanese made cars and the Japanese technology on the local streets. All of the success of Japanese cars in this region or especially in Bangladesh are all due to such auto exporting companies.

Published by Joe Pirest