Business is about creating an audience.

Whatever product or service you are offering, concentrate on building an audience.

If you have an audience you can broadcast your message.

An audience is something made up of ‘fans’ or advocates for your business and can only be built by providing genuinely great content. An audience is not a database of people to be ‘milked’ for sales.

You obviously need to have a ‘killer’ product or service that generates an exceptional experience the customer can share. No good building an audience, only to deliver them ordinary. That’s the old school of selling by manipulating people into a sales funnel to take them for everything and move on to the next one.

Build an audience first with content that matters and content that is useful. Give them a reason to love your cause, be part of your journey, want to experience what you have to offer. Be genuine and provide this to your audience with the only intention of sharing great content that makes a difference.

Once you start crafting it with just sales in mind, it moves from an audience of fans to a database to be squeezed.

If you are relevant, useful and people want to hear more, then there is a greater chance that they will engage more and more with your business.

You will never build an audience with ‘buy my stuff’ sales, as no one cares about ‘your stuff’ until they have experienced it and had a great experience. Selling is the biggest turn-off.

Exceptional genuine content is a turn-on and builds an audience who care.

An audience is everything if you want customers for your exceptional product or service.

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Published by Philip Dodson