Recently I was exposed to the wonder of audio books. I've known what they are and I've listened to them when I was younger in primary and elementary school, but I'd never actually enjoyed them like others seemed to. I had always preferred reading on my own. This being said, I know I'm late. 

       Anyway, a few weeks ago I started a free trial with Audible (shout out to mom who let me use her Amazon account because I don't have one. You're the best!). Audible, if you don't know, is an app/website run by Amazon where you can listen to books, news, and there is some thing called channels that I have yet to use, but who knows? 

         Upon signing up I received 1 credit (it's a free book this deal is lit), and I bought Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (you'll get an entire post on this book later, we will come back to this topic). 

        According to my stats on Audible I've only spent a total of 10 hours listening to Six of Crows, but it seems like even less than that. The great thing about this is I can listen to a book, and be submerged in the story while still do something else. Walking and reading. Crafting and reading. Showering and reading. Literally the only thing I can't do and listen to a book at the same time is listen to music. Who needs it when you've got an amazing book to listen to?

      The only actually problem with audio books is that (I hate to use this term, buuuut) book snobs say "it's cheating" (shout out to my mom, who in this sense, is a book snob).

giphy (12)


      I do not see this as cheating. It's the same as reading the book, or reading the ebook because anyway you get the same story. The same characters, the same plot, and the same feelings. An audio book is just more convenient to some people than others, but both people got the same story.

         Think about it this way: you heard about a storm coming on the TV, but your neighbor read it in the newspaper . . . the storm is still coming isn't it? 

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