Today I decided to write and talk about my august beauty faviroustes, hope you enjoy reading this post and let me know what you think of the mentioned products in the images above this. 


Starting with most common brand in the pictures with more than one product from this brand it is the Zoella beauty stuff


I finally managed to get my hands on a set of the miniature body mists off Zoella beauty form the website feel unique.com as I was in dire want of a new lets spritz by Zoella, my faviroute of her beauty range have always been the body mists, and I think the most treasured to the collection that I adore the most out of everyday. the reason her body cream from last years summer collection which was sweet inspirations has made it in my pictures also is because its highly moisturising and indulgent scent of macaroons and leaves my skin feeling amazing, I have heard nothing but amazing stuff about this cream and that it differently lives up to my expectations. 


Featuring above is maybelene setting spray and the dream satin liquid foundation, both of the products have been so encouraging to me and interesting and well loved, the foundation I would say is a medium coverage and yet feels amazing on the skin, the setting spray is something new to my makeup bag, if you looking for a budget this makeup setting spray is amazing and has really helped me keep on my makeup during long summer days! 


I have hand cream shown above, I never used to bother with hand creams at all and I am glad i have started a habit to use them now, the one I have is in a small purple tube and was gifted to me for Christmas its by Molton Brown company and its smells of Honeysuckle and white tea,  but the best thing about it, its left my hands feeling amazing every time I use it and I remember to carry it my handbag often and makes me feel so much better with my hands being pampered. 


Lastly but not the least....


Couple of pallets from Revolution Pro have stunned me, I am obsessed with the ultra strobe palette and the creamy blush palette, the strobe palette has made my life so much easier on many things and I love it!


The blush palette is still in need of more use, but I can tell you I am in love with this palette just as much. 


For Hair, the herbal essenece dry shampoo is a must have! I use this most days when I want to delay my hair being washed until last minute, its smells so fresh and doesn't make me feel like I have worse hair after using dry shampoo, its become a holy grail product for me. 


Skin care finishes with Simple Miclear water, this stuff is must go to for removing makeup, makes my face feel gentle and I don't even need to use a lot to remove it for a full face of makeup, its worked wonders for me, and I love simple skin products like this for my day top day skin care routine. 


would love to hear your favs!


comment below!



See you all soon!


Viccie xoxoxox 




Published by Viccie Hughes