I was really excited to try out the Ipsy monthly subscription. I am also excited for the first of many posts about the products that come in it. The subscription is only ten dollars a month and and you get five different products inside a cute bag. I think subscriptions like these are great for people, like me, who want to experiment with more products and make up but don’t want to dip too much into your wallet. A video (linked below) on my channel features the products.



This product is my favorite from the whole bag, mainly because I have been wanting a primer. Instead of using my lotion to moisturize in the morning, after I wash my face, I will put on toner and then apply this product on. Because I have dry skin, I only put this on if I know I will be putting on BB cream. This product definitely allows my BB cream to last longer and moisturizes enough. However, I don’t really understand how it is a mask. For those who want a matte finish, I don’t recommend this, it leaves my face looking dewy. Which, personally, I don’t mind. Sadly, I am running out of this and in need of a new primer, if you know of any, comment and recommend me one.

These are the cucumber and aloe wipes, and they are suppose to moisturize, cleanse, and brighten. These wipes really came in handy when I had to study for a test late or when I was in my room and felt icky from the makeup on my face. I would grab a wipe and take it all off. After, my face feels fresh, clean, and moisturized. I’m not sure that it actually brightens though. I can see all the face makeup come off onto the wipe, but it really can’t take any of my waterproof mascara off. Overall, I think having wipes like these on the go or in the room is really handy.

Getting a lip product made me really excited because I love finding out which shades look good on my complexion. First, the formula is really soft on my lips, it’s moisturizing and creamy. The color is really bright and pigmented, and personally I think a little goes a long way. I dab a little product on my lips and spread it with my fingers. In general, I also always apply some kind of chapstick before any lip product. Besides putting it on my lips, I also applied some to my eyelids when I wanted some color with some matte brown eyeshadow.

I’ve seen this used by several Youtubers so I was stoked to try it out. I put a small amount on my cheekbones, nose, and my inner eyelids. Definitely don’t put too much product because it will make your face look like a bunch of glitter. This was an okay highlighter for my face, but I am also looking forward to trying out more. 

I don’t have much to say about this nail polish because I didn’t use it that much. The formula is average in my opinion, it lasted fairly as long as Essie. The reason I didn’t wear it that much is because the color, Vernis a Ongles, is a purplish pink color and it is not really my taste.

Published by Becky Eunmi Yoo