Healing Scripture Writing Plan 07-31-16 pdf

This is actually the second scripture writing plan I have posted for August.  The first one can be found here:  2 Corinthians Scripture Writing Plan.

The scripture writing plan for July can be found here:  1 Corinthians scripture writing plan

And the scripture writing plan for June can be found here:  Romans scripture writing plan

The plans listed above are based on the books of the New Testament written by the apostle Paul.  I will continue these with a scripture writing plan for September based on Galatians.

I am posting a second writing plan this month because I am struggling with healing from a recent painful event in my life.  I am struggling with forgiveness, grace, and personal healing.  After speaking with a couple of friends recently I discovered that they, too, are struggling with these same issues from events in their lives. 

We all desire healing.  We all need healing.  As long as we continue through life with unhealed wounds then there is always a weak spot in our soul that Satan will use to try to weasel his way into our heads.  The best way to heal those wounds, the best way to fight off an attack from Satan, is to turn to God and his word.

I hope that you find healing from anything that is coming between you and God.

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