The Corinthians were being divided, as we learned in 1Cor 1, but Paul reminds them that they are fellow workers with him in the ministry. They “ARE” anointed by the Holy Spirit, they “ARE” sons of light, [1Thess 5:5], they “ARE” saints of God’s household [Eph 2:19], they “ARE” complete in him [Col 2:10]; they “ARE” a royal priest, [1Peter 2:9], they “ARE” in Christ [1Cor 1:30]; they “ARE” more valuable than many sparrows [Matt 10:31]. It is all because of this that Paul desires that they be yoked together- believer to believer--that they may encourage one another daily as they face the stresses of life because any suffering is temporary  and is a testimony of authentic Christianity.

Paul is saying it is not an “if” but a “when” you will be called to endure suffering just as he did. Your new life in Christ includes not only your ‘get out of hell’ card but also the reminder that “if they persecuted Christ, they will persecute you.” The world will call you “fool” but God calls you “wise.” In all of this you are to be a sweet aroma to a lost and dying world. You do it with “weapons of righteousness” as you wear the full armor of God; deny yourself, pick up your cross  to follow Him rejoicing. You do it as servants of the Most High God shining your light into the darkness as the new creation you now are.

This is authentic Christianity.  Remember this question: “if you are ever accused of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?” 

Published by Gaye Austin