People always speak about authenticity. What is it about being so raw that just captivates those around you? What is it about truth that ignites you to listen?

I feel like people aren’t necessarily drawn to the truth because it’s the truth. People are drawn to authenticity because they admire the unexpected quality that it holds.If we think about it, we’re so accustomed to receiving lies, partial truths and faces covered in masks. We’re used to that which isn’t raw and honest that when we do come across the opposite of that, we pay attention. When we experience this sense of rawness from someone, we are captivated by them. Their authenticity allows us to be authentic to them as well. Of course if you start peeling off your layers, I’ll be easily encouraged to do the same.

This actually reminds me of something that took place in Nutrition class the other day. Professor IStillDontKnowHerName was explaining something about carbs and a girl raised her hand. Of course she allowed her to speak and the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “Sorry I zoned out for a second, what did you just say?” That exact moment was so beautiful. That girl allowed herself to be seen by everyone. There was no pretension in that statement because it was all entirely honest. So beautiful.

I think the reason why a lot of people would rather not be authentic is because being authentic forces you to give yourself away to others. It forces you to be completely and utterly vulnerable. There is nothing left for yourself. The power is now on the other person. You’ve given them yourself and it’s up to them to determine what they do with your honesty.

I want to get to that point where I’m so comfortable with myself that I am not afraid to be authentic. After all, what is there to fear anyways?

Published by Esther