The gift of living an authentic life is beyond words. I tried living someone else's life and it felt wrong. I tried my best to be the "perfect" wife or what I thought perfection was only to find out that's not what he wanted from me. I tried my best to read all of the parenting books, be at stay-at-home mom and do all the things that "exceptional" mommies do only to find out that life didn't feed me in a way that I'd hoped it would and in turn made my baby suffer.

So on this day, I asked everyone to begin to accept and embrace the "thing" that makes you YOU. As I transition into this next year, I do so with excitement. I'm encouraged by what the year has in store for me. I embrace the fact that I'm more comfortable in a gym then I am at a salon. I love that my favorite meal is a cheeseburger and that in my spare time I'd rather be at a sporting event. I love that my favorite pair of shoes are Nike's and that 95%  of the time you will find me in workout clothes and a hat.

Embrace it! Love it! Do what you love and enjoy! The sooner you do those things, the sooner you will begin to truly live a full life.

I leave you with this:

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Have a great week,


Published by Bianca Guess