Before we kick off with the interview, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !! And last but not least to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone that’s been with me on this journey from the beginning !!❤

Firstly I would like to say a few things about the one and only NYT Bestselling author and one of my top favorite New Adult authors out there – Lisa Renee Jones.



Lisa hasn’t always been a writer, in fact she’s one of the many talented people who had started with having a full time job – you can read more about what she did before becoming an author here – only to discover along the way that she had another calling. One which will drive her towards success. But Lisa  didn’t start writing for fame, she did it because she loves writing and she puts all of her heart into it, and this is what makes people love her and her books so much. She has been nominated twice this year in theRT Magazine’s book Reviewer’s Choice Awards with two of her most loved books : All Of Me  (book 6 in The Inside Out Series – which will soon be a TV show) for Best Digital Erotic  Romance and  Escaping Reality (book 1 in The Secret Life Of Amy Bensen) for Best Romantic Suspense Novel.

Now, I don’t want to start anything but, in my opinion Jones’ books  – since they were the ones I’ve started my NA adventure with – are the best New Adult books I have read so far. And from my point of view she is the “mother” of all plots and twists in the NA genre. Her books have  kept me company for so many nights and I’ve come to love her and her books a lot!

Now, with no further adieu I leave with the amazing Interview she gave for Crazy Beautiful Reads. Enjoy !:)



1.  How and when did you get started as a writer ?

L.R.J : I’ve always been interested in the entertainment business, and after growing up and being an active part of the corporate world I realized that I sincerely needed a creative outlet. So, I tried writing and fell in love with it.

2.  Did you ever get any rejections? If yes, how did you react to them ?

L.R.J. : Oh absolutely ! While I was of course heartbroken and dejected a tad I didn’t it let it stop me. I had to find the strength and confidence in myself.

3. What are the major challenges that you have faced in your career?

L.R.J : Keeping my determination and spirit. Being an author can, at times, be much like the corporate world I gladly walked away from. It can be defeating, yet so rewarding. So keeping your determination and spirit are so important for any author out there.

4. Tell us about your books. What was your first one ?

L.R.J. : My first book is actually long gone. It was far too cringe-worthy to ever show to anyone. But my first published word was Hidden Instincts (now called Secrets Exposed) and it was published as part of a writing contest. That one is still a little hard for me to read because I wrote it so long ago. As for my books – I like to think they’re a good mix of the main genre, either Paranormal or Suspense, and Romance. I like to make my books intricate, yet enticing and I hope I achieve that.

5. How do you usually find your ideas ?

L.R.J. :  From various places, but mostly my own mind. Although I can’t negate outside influences from TV and movies and even music. Those are all factors that have impacted my writing at one time or another.

6. What has inspired you to write the most attractive series that is the Inside Out series ?

L.R.J. : This was actually loosely inspired by mine and my husband’s time dealing in auction hunting like on Storage Wars. It was one of our storage unit where Diego, my husband, found a journal and he started going through it and while it wasn’t as scandalous as Rebecca’s it planted to seed for the basis of the INSIDE OUT series.

7. What was the hardest part of writing it ?

L.R.J. : Probably writing first person point of view. It was my first time doing so, but I just knew that’s how it needed to be written. Now I find it hard to write in any other point of view.

8. Which book was your favorite to write, so far?

L.R.J. : I have a love/hate relationship with all of my books when it comes to writing them. Love it when they’re finished, hate it while I’m writing them. However, I do have a real soft spot for BEING ME book 2 in INSIDE OUT. I can’t say what it is about that book, but just by a little it’s remained my favorite.

9. What was/is the best compliment you have received upon your writing?

L.R.J. :  Any compliment I receive melts my heart. I love my readers so very much and even a kind or excited word remind me why I love doing what I do.

10.  What is the one thing you absolutely can’t live or write without?​

L.R.J. : Coffee, and my cat, and my husband. Okay, that’s more than one thing, but those are the basis of my day-to-day life.

11. What do you advise new writers to do?

L.R.J. : Just write, and know the market you are writing in. And don’t give up !

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