A year and a half ago,  I was just starting my little humble book blog, and to my surprise - don't ask me how cause I don't even remember how it happened, but it did an I'm happy it had - I or she found me and asked me if I wanted to read and review one of her books. I didn't hesitate. I said YES from the start. She's shown me that no matter how known you might be in a certain industry, you can still remain the same person you used to be. I had no idea that from reviews and small comments on each others blog posts we'd start a beautiful friendship. But then again...Life is sooo unpredictable ! :)

I've been meaning for quite a while to get a chance and interview this new and amazing YA author ! Seems that  wishes do come true sometimes, since she found an open window in her full schedule for me ! Thank you so much my dear !

If you feel or want to know more about her, there is an article I've written about our beloved authors - in which she makes the Top 5 - on what they used to do before becoming Bestselling And Worldwide known Authors. Check it out HERE and find out what Shannon used to do before becoming a full time writer !




  1. Tell us a little about yourself. How and when did you get started as a writer ?


I began writing at a very young age, mainly because my mother was a writer and she taught me to write in order to cope with nightmares and hypnopompic hallucinations. (Look it up! It’s pretty crazy.) So, most of my stories are based off of my dreams.


2.  What or who inspired you to become a writer ?


I began taking writing very seriously when my mother died. I was eleven, and I knew I wanted to spend my life chasing what I loved, so I started thinking about publication right then and there. My first book was published five years later, and now, it’s getting a second chance nearly a decade later.


3.  What is your biggest achievement so far as a writer ? What about your most ardent dream ?


My biggest achievement so far as a writer is hosting writing panels in Barnes & Noble. To me, it’s surreal, because I sat in the crowd at various events that I’m now speaking at, and I love being able to guide young writers like the authors who guided me all those years ago. I feel very fortunate. My most ardent dream is honestly being able to continue living this dream.


4.  Did you ever got any rejections? If yes, how did you react to them ?


Of course! Every writer’s life is paved with rejections. I wish I could say I brushed them off easily, but rejection is difficult. It’s a matter of believing in yourself, even during your darkest days, and remembering you do this because you love it. My tip is to surround yourself with books. If you’re having a bad day, a trip to the library is like hugging yourself with words.


5.  What are the major challenges that you have faced in your career?


I struggle with book releases, because that’s the moment you have to let the book go and let the public have it. That’s when your art is no longer yours. Finishing books are equally hard, because you have to fall in love with a new work, and just like relationships, there is an emotional connection you cannot simply sever over night. It’s a process, and sometimes, it’s a slow one.


6.  Tell us about your books. What was your first one ?


My first book was published in 2007, but now, it’s also my latest release. Bad Bloods: November Rain and Bad Bloods: November Snow is about a seventeen-year-old bad blood who escapes her execution and is then symbolized for an election that decides whether or not her people will get to live or not. In such a politically turbulent time, I’m grateful to see this work see the shelf once again. You can also check out The Timely Death Trilogy, my paranormal romance trilogy about the Light vs. the Dark…except the Dark is the good guys.


7.  How do you usually find your ideas ?


My dreams and nightmares! Seriously, my imagination can’t compete.


8.  What book has inspired you to write The Timely Death / Bad Bloods series ?


Every book I read inspires me! But I wouldn’t say books  inspire what I write next or how I write it, though they definitely affect me as a person.


9.  What was the hardest part of writing it ? What about the funniest one ?


The hardest part of writing Bad Bloods was the ending. I had to let go of a lot of characters, especially a particular child who grasped my heart from the beginning of the book’s creation. I still mourn that character. The funniest moment was every time Adam stepped into the scene. He cracks me up!


10.  Which book was your favorite to write, so far?


Bad Bloods has always been the closest book to my heart—probably because I began writing it after my mother passed away—but I love all of my books.


11.  What was/is the best compliment you have received upon your writing?


Every book review brightens my day, but I love when I hear that I inspired someone to follow their dreams, too.


12.  What is the one thing you absolutely can’t live or write without?

My G-2 pens. I’m obsessed.



Thank you again, Shannon for taking some time out to give this interview ! Wish you all the best and am looking forward in reading all your future work !



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