Today, I'm bringing you an interview with one of my favorite writers and best selling author of YA Sci-Fi  from Europe which I've grown to love with every book she wrote so far. Besides Sci-Fi she also writes New Adult romances which are bound to leave you breathless, break you to pieces and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

But enough with the talking. I will let her tell you more about herself and her books. Enjoy ! :-)

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1. How and when did you get started as a writer?

I loved reading from a very early age and English was one of my favourite subjects in school. I have an honours degree in History from University College Dublin and my studies involved a huge amount of research, analysis, and writing which has stood to me in my writing career. Until recently, I worked as Head of Human Resources for an indigenous IT company and that role involved a huge amount of writing though it was mainly corporate communications, policy documents and management reports/proposals. In that role, I had written articles on IT recruitment which were published in several journals and newspapers and it was a part of my job that I really enjoyed. I’d felt the desire to write fiction for years (I was always dreaming up stories in my head and dissecting books/movies) and once I started fiction-writing five/six years ago I couldn’t, and haven’t, stopped. I’m a member of a writing group and I try to write something every day or every other day. It’s not really something that I choose to do at this stage –it’s something I feel compelled to do and it’s as vital to me as breathing! I have lots of things written, but my first published work was True Calling.

2. Did you ever get any rejections? If yes, how did you react to them?

I submitted True Calling to a few American agents in early 2014 and received some rejections though most of them were very encouraging and urged me to continue submitting. (It was only afterwards that a successful author advised me that these were not standard rejections and she strongly encouraged me to keep submitting until I found the right agent.) Then I received a personal email from a top New York agent and he told me that “it pained him to decline my submission as he felt I deserved to be published, but he was finding it increasingly difficult to get publishing deals for his clients, and at that time the demand was for more contemporary YA stand-alone stories.” When I hear that that I decided not to waste any more time seeking an agent and made the decision to self-publish. I’ve connected with a few editors in some of the smaller but well-respected publishers who have asked me to submit my new series to them, however, I’ve decided to continue to self-publish as I like the control and flexibility it affords me and ultimately, it means I can release my books much quicker which is what my readers ask of me all the time. In this way I turned what could have been a negative into a positive.

3. How do you usually find your ideas?

I often find inspiration in the most unusual places – in the shower is a favorite of mine! My husband is well-used to me hopping out and grabbing my pad to jot down an idea I’ve had. Or I could be standing in line in the supermarket or at the side of the football field watching one of my sons playing football and my thoughts start jumbling around. In general, I find inspiration from the world around me and from other books, movies, songs and real life stories and news bulletins. My husband is also a great source of creative inspiration as I tend to bounce my ideas off him and we have lengthy debates and discussions and he helps me explore the ideas in more depth. We recently had a mini-holiday in Cobh, Co. Cork, and we visited the Titanic museum and that gave me an idea for a story.

4. Tell us a little about your books.

True Calling is a YA sci-fi fantasy romance series with a unique paranormal twist, containing a perfect blend of action, adventure, romance, conspiracy, loss and survival. Set amidst a controlling regime and an unravelling new world order, the plot moves between two different worlds (utopian vs dystopian) and is relayed from two distinct perspectives.

Cadet Ariana Skyee’s life is turned upside-down when the government on Planet Novo announce the introduction of an e-pageant—‘The Calling’—which compels every 17-year-old into impending marriage and parenthood. Forced to participate in the elaborate, reality TV-style assessment process which will identify her future spouse, Ariana is distraught at being compelled to marry and have children at such a young age. Confounded by the influx of dreams of the mysterious Zane, Ariana wonders whether the government-sanctioned memory erase has seriously messed with her mind. She falls for fellow Cadet Cal Remus as the pageant gets underway, coinciding with a series of tragic events which rock her world.

There is a very unique love triangle in True Calling - readers who say they are jaded with love-triangles will re-think their views after reading my series!
If you liked The Hunger Games, The Selection, Matched and The 100 then you will love True Calling.

5. What was the hardest part of writing your series? What about the funniest one?

The first book was probably the hardest to write as it was the first time I had written a complete book. As True Calling is relayed from two different perspectives, and both characters are in different places, and given the paranormal angle, I had to ensure that the timelines matched perfectly, so I wrote Parts 1 and 3 first and then went back to write the second part so I could ensure the timelines were synced. I loved writing Cal’s part in Destiny Rising as he’s funny (often unintentionally so) and cheeky and saucy on occasion. His head was a very interesting place to be!

6. Which book was your favorite to write so far?

Gosh, this is a hard question to answer as I loved writing all of them, for vastly different reasons. If I have to choose though (and I guess I do!) I’m going to say Destiny Rising, because it was great to see the characters mature and grow into themselves as adults, and I loved writing from three perspectives. I’m quite partial to the epilogue in Destiny Rising and so pleased with how it all wrapped up in the end.
7. If you had to start over would you do anything different with this book? (Can be about the whole writing/publishing process, or book-wise, plot etc.)

I wouldn’t change a thing with regards to the characters or the plot and I’m very happy with how the series turned out. However, I was very green when it came to the whole promotion and marketing side of the publishing industry, and if I had my time over I would have been smarter in some of my decisions I made. They do say you live and learn though! There are a few brilliant books I’ve read recently on publishing and marketing which I wished I had read a year ago.

8. What was/is the best compliment you have received upon your writing?

I’ve received so many great reviews and every one of them warms my heart. Receiving five, five-star reviews from Readers Favorite was an early boost. My series has also been favourably compared to some of the best YA series out there (The Hunger Games, The Selection, The 100, Matched to name a few) and one reviewer said True Calling was a better version of the movie Elysium. To be considered in the same vein as these bestselling works is phenomenal. Now if I can just replicate their success!!

9. What is the one thing you absolutely can’t live without?

Books. I’m an avid reader and I live for books. Honestly, I think I’d die (or my brain would) if I couldn’t read. I read at least 3 – 4 books a week and I’d read more if I could find the time. I get so immersed when I’m reading a good book/series that nothing and no one can get through to me. There are many a night when I’m still up at three or four am because I literally cannot put the book down. I just finished reading Amy Bartol’s Kricket series (the first two books) and I loved them. I devoured both books in two days and now I’m on a countdown until the third book releases in September.

10. What are the major challenges that you have faced in your writing career?

Discoverability is the biggest challenge as there is so much competition and so many books being released on a daily basis.

11. What advice do you give to new writers?
Read a lot.
Write a lot.
But don’t forget to live your life because you need to draw on life experiences as an author.

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