“Basic” is a term that has made its way into our lexicon over the past few years, and it has found a home in memes like the one that asks “On a scale of 1 to drinking a pumpkin spice latte right now, how much of a basic are you?”  Its meaning has a slightly pejorative tone, but it’s only a negative term if you let it be.  It’s one those tongue-in-cheek, ‘we’re in on the joke’ things where yeah, you might do all those things deemed “basic,” but you’re not really bothered to be pinned down as such.

When it comes to basic activities in autumn, there’s no shortage of filtered fall photos blowing up your newsfeed.

As soon as the first red-hued leaf hits the ground, topknot-wearing autumn lovers everywhere scramble to make room on their iPhones for the barrage of seasonal snaps that are sure to rack up the likes on their Instagram.   We make space for the pics of lattes with a certain fall-inspired flavor or golden foliage that fell perfectly timed with a sunset, and guess what?  It’s actually awesome and not #sobasic at all.

In the age of iPhones and Instagram, capturing the perfect moment has never been so effortless.  We have the capability to transform any picture by just tinkering with an app for five minutes.  Combine that with a season that’s known for its outdoorsy activities and gorgeous colors, and you’ve got an inspiring Insta-feed that will have you jumping in leaf piles and whipping up pumpkin bread well into December!

So what if your snaps from your day at the pumpkin patch turn into a retweeted meme?  Continue to celebrate this season with your apple-picking and cider-sipping.  Who cares if it took you 17 tries to get just the right photo of you and your bestie adorably noshing on your maple bacon donuts?  You’re making memories and taking advantage of the fun photo ops this season provides!

Did you decide to forgo the knife and instead decorate your pumpkins with the help of a little Pinterest inspiration?  Go ahead and snap your metallic chevron squash for all your friends to see.  You’re not just posting to post – you’re getting creative and having fun!

That’s the hidden benefit of all this 24/7 tech.  We’re given the opportunity to think outside the box and maybe try our hand at something we never would have thought of doing before.

Scrolling through your friends’ posts is more than just looking at pretty pictures.  It’s more like a brainstorming session to see what your next fall kitchen experiment will be – roasted sweet potatoes or acorn squash?  It’s filling up your social calendar by seeing how fun it might be to check out a football game next Saturday.  It’s planning your wardrobe choices by noticing that cute herringbone vest your pal’s sister was donning at a bonfire last week.

So, let the haters say what they want.  You’re not going to refrain from documenting all the fab Halloween costumes your squad is rocking on October 31st just because it might be “basic.”  You worked hard on the decorations and snacks, too.  You bet there’s going to be photo evidence of the “witch’s brew” you concocted and the mouthwatering caramel dipped apples you labored over all day.  Those spooky lights and perfectly spaced out “cobwebs” didn’t put themselves up – you set the mood and made it Halloweentown all up in your apartment.  There better be an album dedicated to showing off your efforts!

Filter or no filter?  High contrast or black & white?  It doesn’t matter what you choose.  Just keep on Instagram-ing your way through the season – basic naysayers be damned.

Published by Collette Reitz