Autumn Needs

Hey Guys, Welcome to my first ever article! Can i Just take a moment to say how excited i am to be able to do this! Also please Stick with me whilst i get use to all this new technology! Hopefully i should pick it up quite quickly!

Anyway, on to the main reason why your here reading this. Autumn needs! We all have them seasonal needs, Seasonal requirements. You know what i mean! So i thought i would put every craving/need into one list. Because who doesn't like list's. So here goes:

  1. Crispy Leaves, Burnt orange colour to be precise.
    There is no better feeling or sound than a crunch of autumn leaves, whilst walking through the park. The Colours turning from bright greens to warm orange's and red's. The feeling of looking out your window and just seeing Sunset colours overtaking the earth. Autumn is the month where you look really forward to snuggling up with blankets and drinking tea. This is only possible once all the leaves have started turning into shades of the sky.

  2. Candles.
    The Perfect time of the Year for candles. No matter what smell, flavour or shape. Candles are meant for this time of the year. The best part is, Retail shops understand this to. They understand the craving for candles and fire, so they stock up on every candle you think impossible! This year i think I'm going to try and find some nice soft colour candles and then match it with soft lighting. (Follow my Instagram to see an autumn home in creating - justsimplylost )

  3. Hot chocolate.
    No matter how hard you try, you will like at least one photo this year of someone sat in front of their Fire curled up with blankets and a hot drink. The person will probably have some fancy ring or bracelet on to, Because you know that's what life is these days. Also you will probably try a recreate this look on your snapchat or Instagram page. It Will most likely be an epic fail, because the lighting is to bright, which then makes you think that you suck at life. But don't worry you don't!

  4. Coats, Jumpers, anything cosy to wear.
    This is the time of the year, where every retailer will stock up on jumpers and coat's. The thing is though, no matter how hard you try to find a nice jumper to wear with jeans and classic autumn boots. You will fail. Unless your willing to spend a good £40.00 on a jumper. no Retail shops ever seem to get the sizing or shape right. Which leaves you then debating where all these Fashion Blogger's get their clothes from. My Favourite Jumpers/coats to where at this time of the year are usually toned berry, dark green, Burnt yellow ( the most difficult one to try and find in shops though.

  5. Finally, what is autumn without a fire.
    Whether you have a fancy wood burner or a simple gas or coal fire place. Nothing beats it. You will probably also roll around on the floor in front of it to. (This is dangerous, don't be stupid and set yourself on fire! in other words don't roll into the fire.)  Let's set the scene! It's pouring with rain, you have nothing to do for the day except catching up with a load of TV programmes. You grab a blanket. Stick on the kettle. Blast on the fire. Then you snuggle up whilst your dog lays in front of the fire. PERFECT!!

Thanks for reading! See you soon.



Published by Katie