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I noticed how everyone is talking about Autumn and about Summer being gone, and layering and so on…  But still, I wasn’t very much in that mood because in my country, temperature is pretty high this week, so it just didn’t smell right to me.  Maybe one part of me didn’t want to admit it. That being said, I went on We Heart It and searched in my collections to get some inspiration for my blog. It was until then that I realized I was secretly hearting Autumn photos. See it for yourself! I admit now, I am super excited for the Autumn and here’s what you are going to wear, very much soon! 


Plus size coats



Or medium if you prefer medium coats, but eventually – c o a t s ! There’s nothing better than when you’re wearing a long coat and it’s flapping because of the wind and you feel just like the Superman with his cloak! I consider them elegant, classy and stylish. Your outfit is completely different with a coat. I love them more than feather jackets because they make your figure on the point, while in jackets I, for instant, look like a huge snowball. 





You either love them or hate them. When I was a kid I just hated them because my neck was way too short and it just irritated me, but now, of course, I love them, a lot. They go so well with leather jackets and coats! Perhaps, best of all is I don’t remember anyone said they’re cold while wearing a turtleneck. If you are the one that easily catch a cold when the Autumn comes, but want to look stylish as much as possible, this is the thing for you. I also love how fashion bloggers and instagramers make combos of turtlenecks and braids or hair buns. Perfection!



Leather jackets



I would say you could wear them anytime, not just in the Autumn, I know I would even on the Summer.Unfortunately that doesn’t sound much good because the temperature would overheat me to death, but for the evenings though, I say yes! As I said million times, you can’t go wrong with them. I especially like them combined with long scarfs, sweaters, black knee ripped skinny jeans, but I also must admit they look great with sportswear too. 



If you want to see more of these items inspired by Autumn, visit my blog www.queenBsdiary.wordpress.com


What do you wear most when it’s Autumn? Do you often wear any of these pieces and if not, would you like to? If you liked this post, give the thumbs up, share it with your friends and follow me!

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