The shirt is the best attire for men. It plays a vital role in any man’s wardrobe. The shirts are used for each and every formal occasion such as a wedding, interview, etc. Shirts basically have sleeves, front opening and a collar. Initially, it was regarded as an undergarment which was worn out by men only. But today almost both men and women used to wear. The shirts are available like formal as well as casual. It is also accessible in different patterns and designs.

There are wide ranges of options so a man can fill his wardrobe with all the designs and styles as well as worn for various occasions. Fashion is about the style as well as it is about mood and comfort. One needs to always dress according to their mood. But dressing up in a proper manner creates an everlasting feel in the people mind. Some shirts are meant for comfort, sports or work. You can find out various types of shirts in the shop. There are various kinds of shirts are available in the market so you can pick the best one according to your comfort and preference. The shirt manufacturers in Delhi will provide only affordable price to their shirts. They manufacture the shirt with only high-quality materials.

Types of shirt

There are numerous types of shirts for men are available in the market which is as follows:

  • Dress shirt

The dress shirt is regarded as one of the most famous and costly shirts. It has long sleeves and a button-down collar. This kind of shirt comes in various colors and designs. So the people can pick the one which suits according to their preference and budget. The dress shirt has a shiny look which is very comfortable and lightweight to wear. The men can wear this shirt along with the sports jackets.

  • Sports shirt

The next kind of shirt is the sports shirt. This type has comes with both long sleeves and short sleeves. Most of the men used to wear this shirt with jeans which gives them a formal look. One can wear this type of shirt under a suit.

  • Tuxedo shirt

This type of shirt particularly designed to worn under a tuxedo. This kind of shirt not worn on a usual basis and it is used incredibly rarely by men. Men normally used to wear this shirt during the special occasions like parties, weddings or to a work. It has long sleeves with buttons. As well as has a collar that is tightly closed with the aid of tie.

  • Polo shirt

Next type of shirt is Polo. The polo shirt is also known as golf which has gained more popularity among the players when compared to the other casual shirts. It has only short sleeves. This type of shirt is mainly worn and preferred by men in summer. It has only three buttons on the front.

Thus the above mentioned are the various kinds of shirts for men in the market.

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