This is a fresh, tasty dish and easy to put together which works great on a Sunday morning – because who can be bothered doing dishes on a Sunday!? There are a lot different ways to do avocado on toast. This is just one them that Cass and I do at home. It is similar to one at a cafe I used to work at.

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serves 2

1-2 slices of bread each. Good quality bread is nicest – home-made if you can

1 avocado

100 g sheep’s milk fetta (about 50 g per person)

freshly ground pepper

paprika (sweet, smoked or normal – whatever you feel like)

salt (optional)

drizzle of olive oil

lemon juice or a small amount of lemon zest

Toast the bread.
Slice the avocado (½ each).
Top the bread with the avocado slices and crumble fetta over the top.
Drizzle the olive oil over and squeeze over some lemon juice.
Sprinkle freshly ground pepper, paprika and salt (if using).
Micro plane lemon zest over the top if using instead of lemon juice.

Published by Zoe Crichton