Don’t move to Mexico.
Don’t move to Michoacán, don’t move to Jalisco
although there are mountains
and ocean sides
and coconut ice cream
and mangoes on sticks…
muy fresca!
and skeleton statues in windowsills smiling wearing hats full of orange and lime and magenta flowers hugging each other in harmony,
Oh, harmony!—
And the avocados.
Don’t get me started on the avocado trees lining the hills, lush like blooming hand-fans arms gently palm back and forth to create intrigue, craftily showcase the large lime-like gems hanging in the salted air..
And, you know, almost thirty-five percent of the world’s avocados come from Michoacán. So much creamy guacamole. So many creamy dreams…
Yes, the desire to be an avocado, warm and free-hanging, in Mexico might be rather high right now, functioning as a dream to keep you from crying
Wanting so desperately to be on the sunny side of the wall…
“I want to write you all a note of hope, but,
all I can think of is run, hide.
How does one plan a Brexit anyway?”
-College English Professor, Jim Wilson
Don’t plan a Brexit. Don’t run or hide.
We weren’t born in the land of the free to run away although there’s a line somewhere about picking yourself up by the bootstraps… is that about running away?
Yes, it is ok to be sad and feel like running away, disappointed, torn, heartbroken.
But don’t leave.
Avocados calling us,
wanting us to get away
from a country so convoluted with

egocentricism poverty
egocentricism social injustice
egocentricism racism
egocentricism militarism
capitalism facism
we are tired of rotting flesh of this land, torn open.
Re-torn open. Full of holes and fires and toxicity flowing under this thin skin.
What were the United States’ foundations built upon?
Black loam splattered over golden grounds, creeping quick like ivy Long-covered and thrown away, the United States we never were—
No, wait, you can move
Make a movement
We can come together
together to rise
from the graves of this decayed country,
America, when will you be angelic?
A movement:
Power to undefine that which has been
defined for this country erased.
No longer needing to be a country of
Don’t be afraid.
We are not nothing.
We are done.
We are we.
Revolutions never happen at elections, anyway, it is the in between where society can fight against (or with!) Establishments so now it is time,
use Merino wool and lace
tie together
thread together
sew together
bind together
Yes, communal hands to braid virtuosity, kindness, selflessness
Let us be like the avocado tree, spreading our roots wide and far, who, in a container can only grow about seven feet, but if given roots outside can grow tall, to thirty.

Published by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers