Our next door neighbors have a huge mango tree in their backyard.  Very rare to find these days! Though the mangoes begin to appear from Feb-March each year, they allow it to grow to full size and pluck it when each mango weighs almost 450 to 500gms!

Non stop activity for the past 5 days with pickling freshly plucked mangoes bought off neighbor’s tree which is hardly 5 ft from our flat, as fresh as it can get! Two guys were called in for the job. One climbed the tree and started shaking the branches, while the other stayed put on ground zero to collect all the fallen mangoes. It rained big green mangoes creating a loud racket as they bounced off their backyard asbestos roof!  Startled by the noise, i came out to check and bought 55 mangoes off them!  Some mangoes refused to be shaken off the tree and it was getting late, so the guy up above said he’s leaving some for the birds and the squirrels to enjoy!  Already 1/3rd gone in the past 2 months to birds, squirrels and mango thieves (boys and marauding gang of monkeys).

I love the pickling activity very much.  Reminds me of my childhood days, seeing aunts and mom making a variety of pickles, large scale for all families at their East Marredapally, Secunderabad home. It’s like keeping those memories alive. Decided to try my sister’s to-die-for killer recipe of Avakkai this time. Hope it comes as good as she makes them. Those yellow shavings off the seed is for a sweet-sour pickle using some other ingredients to taste different, called manga thokku. My shoulders and hands are begging for a long leave! No pain, no gain. Leave not granted until project is over!


Assembly  Cut MangoesAvakkai masalaJaadiAvakkai pickle For Birds


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