Another year comes to a close. When you review your year, don’t forget about all of the good things, too. You might be overwhelmed by your current circumstances and feel like that’s all you can see. But underneath that darkness there is light. You just may have to delve deeper to find it.

Why do we always focus on our mistakes and missteps? Are you remembering to take credit for all the good things? Have you even considered how much you have grown, changed, and learned over the past year?  I had a hard time with that one also.

 Mistakes are part of living. When you don’t take chances and make mistakes, then you have made the biggest mistake of all: regret.

Some years may be harder than others to tally up the good, but I assure you it is always there. It may be the roof over your head, whether or not you are surrounded by buckets of water from the rain pouring in. It may be finding or rediscovering the love of your life, even though you have both been pushed to the wall; but now you are facing the challenges together. It may simply be spending time off from work with friends and family. What is more precious than the gift of time?

Whatever your circumstances, you can begin to feel good about the little things. Here’s my personal list:

  •  warm smile
  • bear hugs
  • awakening to see the sunrise on my morning drive
  • sunny, cool days
  • caring waitress who treated us like we were family
  • homemade pancakes made with love
  • finally seeing Rogue 1, popcorn, movies, total escape
  • warmth of home
  • enjoying time spent with family
  • celebrating your daughter’s engagement
  • sights, sounds, and feel of the holidays
  • sleeping in
  • rainy days that nourish the Earth

 Write a list and you may be surprised.When mistakes are made, a good friend told me not to assign blame, just figure out the best way to move forward. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. You have another whole year to get it right.

Yes, the New Year is a time of introspection, but more importantly it is a time to appreciate where you are now, embrace all of the blessings that you have, and then consider what areas you need to develop within yourself, so that you can give the world the best possible you!

Published by Lynda Art