so my top 15 favourite apps that i use so much –
youtube – my learning site, i learn so much i literally youtube anything i need to know, or need any help with, there is so much out there its crazy!

word press of course updating my blog on the app is so easy.

rzmindme – a to do/tick list to help with my general every day things to do.

reminderfree – reminding me of the things have to do and the things i have to look forward to YAY!

ebay and depop for a litle bit of cheap shopping. app and tranline app for convineice

pages app, for Facebook to make it easier sorting my pages. 

spotify for my music. 

pump up to share ideas to the fitness finatics

snapchat cause thats always fun!

time hop, hilarious i take lots of pics so there is always athrowback to see.  

twitter, instgram and facebook to socialise of course. 

i also love the notes app on iPhone i use it everyday for to do list.

i also have a daily horoscope app that i like to check. 

afterlight and boomerang for my photos editors. 

there is my top 15! 
what apps can you suggest i need or would like? are you now going to download some? share any ideas in the comments below..
             happy apping, much love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton