Most couples might opt for a hometown celebration when it comes to their wedding day. However, more and more couples are instead booking destination weddings. A destination wedding can be a beautiful affair and make for a nice vacation included into your wedding day. While it does take a little more careful planning, destination weddings are great for the adventurous and travel hungry couple. Sometimes depending on your destination, you can even save money by having a destination wedding. Here are 7 awesome countries where you can have a gorgeous wedding day without breaking the bank:













Dominican Republic - This Carribean destination is great for those looking for a beach side wedding. With 800 miles of picturesque beaches and many resorts, the DR (as it is commonly referred to) is the perfect destination to refresh and relax after your nuptials. The most popular area is Punta Cana because of its numerous resorts that offer affordable wedding packages. You can plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank and have the security of a setup package with all your wedding necessities ready to go.


Mexico - Mexico is a favorite vacation destination for many. It has been a popular wedding destination for years and for good reason. Mexico is another great spot for those looking for a beach wedding. The country has miles and miles of beautiful coastal destinations. The price of a wedding is cheaper as well and flights are usually very affordable depending on the season which means you can have more of your friends and family take part of your special day. There are many resorts that also offer wedding packages that can make planning for your nuptials much easier. If you are looking to have a church wedding, Mexico is also a great destination as there are many beautiful, historical churches that date back to colonial Spanish times.