Baring a child is such a gracious gift from above.

My child as Precocious as if his soul is beyond his years or as grandmother use to say

before his time.

Coming home to a big ol “it’s Mommyyyyyy” or “Mommy’s home” ;

just as he wraps his tiny little arms around my neck seems sweeter then gold to me. As those sweet gestures leave the lips of a puree divine purpose; me recognizing that I’m a human on this earth that has been blessed enough to be called mother by a child created from God. Just as a gift the feeling excites my every emotion of being; a rewarded none the less, for something I am far from deserving of.

You see Jesus knew the redirection a child would lead me;

So with faith and such a new found purpose I followed,

Grabbing at every opportunity that was tossed my way.

As if everything had a reason being,

So I needed to witness the season being.

Interrupted by false claims, I fail to a place where only God could have captured me.  Just me and my seed;

that’s all it would ever be, as long as it’s fruitful, faithful the Lord will continue to be.

Just me and my seed you see;

My tiny little bumble bee forever free, blossoming from the concrete, the higher we travel, the closer we to reach the Ultimate kingdom of heaven above. So righteously given its name. From a place where our heavenly father remains. I promised you Lord Jesus each day I will with all my being, protect what you have provided me.

And for that I want to say thank you oh powerful, merciful King, for such a great blessing you have delivered me.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews