No Ordinary Day
It's after midnight, almost three o'clock in the morning, and I'm wide awake. Like a kid whose parents told him they were going to Disney Land I just can't sleep! In just a few short hours my wife, two sons, and a little peanut of a baby girl will walk up the steps to the courthouse and into a lifelong adventure that has yet to begin. No, this ain't no ordinary day, but one that will turn some ordinary folks who've been brought together by the grace of God into a forever family for a precious little girl.
Risk and Reward
Getting here was the difficult part. The road we were on was marked with financial struggles, personal addictions, emotional highs and lows, not to mention its fair share of painful disappointments. But, anything worth pursuing in this life will come with an assortment of obstacles we must hurdle at some point or another. You can guarantee it! However, we have a saying in this family and that is: "The risk is worth the reward".
A Faithful Father
Despite the many challenges we've faced as a family and in this adoption journey alone I've come to know personally the faithfulness of our loving Father in heaven. God is without a doubt a Father to the fatherless and He, by His own grace, sets the lonely into families (Psalm 68:5-6). What He provided to two children in the foster care system is what He now does for a child through the hearts of two people because they were once open to the notion of a pure and undefiled religion.
A New Name
I remember the first time Tina and I saw her. Just two days old and so full of beauty and life, yet at the same time so fragile and helpless. We glanced at the name plate the nurses in the NICU had taped to her crib. "Baby Girl Z" it read. But way before this precious little child cried her first cry and breathed her first breath God had a different one already picked out for her. Like Sarai who became Sarah, Baby Girl Z was quickly renamed Sophia Hope; her middle name indicative of the confident expectation that sustained my wife and I through what seemed like an eternity in getting here.
For Such a Time
Now that we are here, at the finalization of one journey and the start of another, we are filled with the same wide-eyed wonder and joyful hope as when our two sons – who are now grown men in their 20s - were once little pickles themselves. "What sort of things will she like?” “What instrument will she play?” “Will she be a Marine like her dad or a teacher like her mom?" These thoughts and more we will wonder as we walk alongside her. But whatever the outcome I hold firmly to the promise that God alone knows the plan and purpose He has for our daughter's life. For who knows? One day we may behold our little girl, at that time all trained up in the way she should go, had been fashioned and formed by the loving hands of God for such a time as this.
Run to win,
Originally posted December 17, 2014

Published by Dennis Miranda