So this has been one of the craziest debates for years now and it always starts a riot when you have a strength and conditioning coach who prefers walking lunges and another who prefers back squats and they begin listing the pros and cons of each and it all comes down to the same thing pretty much and that usually is a fun argument and neither people win.  Have you ever wondered why this topic of discussion is so important in the fitness industry; and wonder which one really gives better results? Well I am going to be totally honest with you and give you my final opinion of each because quite honestly, I can't give a straight answer because no matter what I say or think someone will agree to disagree and we will end up going round and round about which one beats out the other.   Now although this is just my opinion, my opinion has some truths in it and might offer some advice for each because in the end I just want to help people become healthy and happy with who they are inside and outside; so no matter what.. keep in mind my goal as you continue to read through this and every blog after and previous to this.  I write blogs because I want to help inform people and because I love being apart of the fitness industry and offering advice and tips and giving people the motivation they need to get started and although my life is hectic, I try to maintain a blog a week to keep everyone interested so I hope when you read this, it will make you excited to want to learn and act on all these possibilities! 


I say depending on the circumstances and the person depends on which exercise should be the "go to" exercise whether it be inside a gym or at home.  I also think it depends on the expertise the person has and the environment they are in and if they have the means to be able to do either exercise.  Although both of these exercises can technically be modified so that anyone can do them and can be done without using equipment, most people are doing the back squat with a barbell and most people are using dumbbells for their walking lunges.  Just saying. If you an athlete of any sorts, and being in the weight room is something you have to do often, I believe the back squat is a great idea for no other reason then you are more conditioned, can add weights, knowledgeable in a sense, and have the equipment to properly do the exercise and hopefully a strength and conditioning coach to help you with your form and technique so you can avoid injury. On the other hand, if you are of the general population, you more than likely don't either know how to perfom it correctly, do not have the equipment, do not belong to a gym and probably aren't as conditioned which means you are more likely to do walking lunges. Nothing is wrong with an athlete doing walking lunges and nothing is wrong with a person of the general public doing the back squat, as a matter of fact, I believe doing them both or adding them both to a routine at different periods could be a positive thing if anything else and I believe that knowing how to do both is probably semi important for both groups of people. Now these might be the "major" groups of people, but we still have to consider someone who is handicapped, injury prone/recovering, older, younger, the specific person's goals and needs and also take into consideration their background history.  These all play a part in whether either exercise should be done by certain individuals and quite honestly if neither of these can be done then it is time to find a 3rd option. 


The problem with this argument is that, no one looks at it from different perspectives much anymore, we just look at it from a job point of view; or from a "opinion" based point of view because everyone has their own preferences. If we were to talk about these two exercises, we could list pros and cons of each one easily and at the end of the day, they both win because they both offer tremendous amounts of benefits and still have cons that could potentially cause injury to someone who doesn't know what they are doing and both exercises help pretty much the same muscle groups give or take.  In my personal opinion, I love lifting and I enjoy the weight room probably more so than cardio nowadays but I like doing lunges for no other reason than I feel more comfortable doing them and I don't have to worry about the barbell hurting my back sometimes, on the other hand, I love doing back squats because I love the feeling it gives my lower body afterwards (the next day); I always know when I have worked those muscles hard because I will feel it the next day and it feels good to say the least. Hands down the winner is both, because both of them are plenty amazing exercises and if I really wanted to be bias, I would have picked the one I do more often or I like the best but I will let that be a secret for now.  


I would love to hear everyone's opinion on either exercise, I want to know which one you prefer doing and why and how you do it (modified or not modified) and if you want give me your age and tell me about yourself and workout routine so I can compare the different kinds of people who enjoy one or the other that would be an added bonus!  Thanks for reading, please share, like, comment and reblog; I would love that! Also follow me on all social media and or add me, I love new followers and I always keep in contact with everyone:) 



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