The back squat is probably one of the more popular forms of exercise in the gym and it always amazes me how people believe that in order to "form a round butt" you have to squat more, when I know that their other forms of exercises and that really all squatting does is strengthen this particular area. You don't get a booty from just pure squats nothing else; it takes time and dedication and multitude of things that come together that create the "round booty" effect.  Now I personally don't do squats daily, but I am going to start to and this may amaze you that I don't; this is mostly due to the fact I just never had squats as my "go to" exercise, but I do enjoy them even if they hurt like hell some days. lol. I highly recommend squats for no other reasons then what I am going to list down below and because if you are someone who enjoys lifting, like myself then this is a fun and very versatile exercise that can be done in many, many ways. The squat I am going to refer to today is the infamous back squat, the more adaptable one and probably the one that is done more often than the rest if I was to guess.  Keep in mind that squats don't have to be done with a huge amount of weights, you don't have to overdue it to have a good effect on your muscles, take your time and don't rush something especially if you don't have form and technique down (which is the MOST  important thing during this exercise), back squats don't have to be something you go all the way to the floor either, you can simple do them at a 90 degree angle and or bend as far as you can without hurting yourself.  If you are someone who has bad knees or horrible core strength this might be a bit difficult and you may need to start out without using the barbell (this is perfectly fine).  



  • Great total body workout
  • tones the legs (slowing down makes the workout more intense)
  • lifts the butt & tightens
  • strengthens the core muscles
  • increases flexibility (joint flexibility)
  • Upper body workout (when you add weights)
  • increased hormone release
  • reduced chance of injury for someone who jumps, runs 
  • increases vertical jump
  • improved workout efficiency

Squats are a good exercise because we pretty much replicate this type of movement in our daily lives, and for that reason alone it will only enhance our chances of being able to bend down with less aches and pains and as we age it might become easier, but whose to say? I think personally when people squat they shouldn't worry so much about the loads but about the form and technique and how well they squat. With squats can come injuries if they are not performed right or if someone has prior injuries and does not recognize the damage the squat could possibly do and not to mention overtime it can cause wear and tear but that is with any exercise and doesn't mean it is "bad" for you. If you are someone who isn't comfortable performing the back squat using a barbell, try something less with less weight and or with no equipment like the above picture. Don't be afraid to squat in the gym either, I know sticking your butt out might seem uncomfortable and may cause you to worry about what others are thinking but honestly.. everyone pretty much back squats the same way if they are doing it correctly and if you do choose to squat, using the mirror is very important as well so you can keep an eye out for bad form. Thanks for reading, please feel free to share, like, comment, reblog, and follow me! 



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