Back to reality.

As the school supplies once again take the bookstores by storm, the schoolchildren (extending all the way to college and grad school) begin to bid farewell to their break. As they relish the last few days, the expressions are usually universal. Back to school! Break’s over! How could it end so soon? All good things must come to an end. Back to reality. 

Back to reality. 

Back to reality?

Why ‘reality’ anyway?

The reality is that we are students. We are unemployed, dependent and allowance-receiving individuals (at least for most cases). This is why we connote the expression as a reality check, assuming that the whole break was a dream. We are students, breaking our backs over books, slaving over exams, learning about the dream before we actually start living it.

And that’s my point. The main reason we’re studying at all is that we’re going for something. We’re on our way to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a missionary – every thing and any thing we see ourselves doing in the future. Simply put, we’re dreaming. Not daydreaming and waiting for a miracle. We’re  dreaming with action. Schoolwork is cumbersome, repetitive, patience-consuming. That’s why we long for graduation, we long for the end of the year. Of course, the idea of a well-deserved break is enticing, but I believe it’s the step forward that keeps us going – we’re actually psyched to get one step closer.

This is why, as we go back to our classes, I don’t believe it’s reality we’re going back to. We’re going back to the dream. We’re putting ourselves back on track. We’re reminding ourselves where we’re going and why we’re working so hard.

Therefore, the break we long for is not a break from reality. It’s a break from the dream. No one ever said achieving a dream would be easy. It takes perseverance and determination, beautiful and impressive virtues that get you where you want to go, but in excess can cause you your sanity. That’s why we have breaks. I actually am so bold to think that it’s the other way around. The ‘break’ we have is actually the reality – the reality that we’re not doctors yet, we’re not corporate lawyers just yet, being an engineer, nurse, etc is yet to be within our reach. That’s the reality. That’s what we’ve been doing every time we get a break.

Sooner or later (in our minds, usually sooner) we have to go back. We come back. We set back our vision to motion and start running. Nap time’s over. Water break’s over. It’s time to get back.

Back to the dream, everyone!

Published by Ella Mae Masamayor