Hi guys!

Just for you to know before we start, this isn’t going to be usual back-to-school post. I won’t tell you how to study, how to DIY something or similar. I am going to talk about me and my weird habits. 

So, now that the things are cleared let me tell you what back to school means to me. Back to school means buying school supplies, making a lot more coffee, making plans and To Do lists, and of course making great photos for my Instagram. It makes me happy when I buy nice notebooks, markers, a very special black rubber from Stabilo, my favorite Erich Krause pen and many more things. Yes, my friend always messes with me, but she knows I am right about this pen. It’s like writing with fountain pen, but it’s more casual. And, I am buying the black rubber because I get annoyed how white rubbers get dirty within a minute. Don’t forget I said this was going to be weird. 



So the thing about these photos of studying, at least in my case, are shot when I wasn’t studying. I mean, I take plenty of photos so that means I have a lot of photos to choose from and it takes time until I find the perfect one. And then of course, the “easy” part – editing and posting them on Instagram. That’s why this is done the day before!

When I fake a studying photo there are three types of photos I will take.

The one that is up close where you can read what the hell am I studying, I would just add my favorite filter on VSCO cam and I would be done. But, don’t forget to do your angle!

The second is the book in her natural environment – in the middle of everything. I mean literally everything. What I ate that day, my phone, who was probably just that second on the table since it’s always in my hands, some nicely written papers and for the final impression – decorated with a few of my perfect (not) randomly put there markers. 

The third type is actually all about planners and cute calendars. You can add a few books of the subject you should be actually studying for, hahaha, but it’s not necessary. Pencil case and pens are great finishing touch, but you are free to improvise! 




Do you have some weird habits like I do? Have you ever made a fake studying photo? If you liked this post, or if I made you laugh, or if you didn’t have a clue about anything I just wrote be sure to like this post, share it with your friends and family and follow my blog www.queenbsdiary.wordpress.com to get updated on my posts!

BS, xo xo 



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