Hey, Guys!

Wanna know what my after school routine looks like? Keep reading…

Keep in mind, this is a basic routine. Some days I’ll hang out with my friends or I may have work and my routine will change based on that.

  1. It starts with me making my to-do list either in my last class or on my walk back home. I usually use the Notes app on my phone but you can use a daily planner as well.
  2. I’ll get home around 3:15, grab a snack and watch an episode or two of whatever show I’m watching (right now it’s PLL–like this post if you love that show!). This allows me to unwind and relax.
  3. By 4-4:30, I’ll get my bag and start whatever homework or studying I have to do.
  4. When I’m finished I’ll make dinner and watch a little more TV until I decide to shower and get ready for bed.

It’s pretty simple and basic but, it’s nice and easy which is why I love it.

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