Hai guys! Todays blog post is going to be Back To School DIY's. I thought this would be a suitable topic seeing as people are going to start going back to school in a couple of weeks. And yes, most people are dreading school life but these DIY's may make you a little more excited for going back to school. So let's get DIYing (If that is even a word xD)

Washi Tape Pencils

This is probably everywhere but I thought I would add it because it's super cute! So all you need to do is get some Washi Tape with a cute pattern (You can find this in most shops or online) and just wrap it around your pencil and your done!

Eraser Flash Drive

Okay so this is basically a eraser with a usable flash drive. This is great as you don't need to carry both a flash drive and a eraser you got two in one. It's also really easy just to put in your pencil case. Step 1 to make the eraser flash drive get two erasers and a flash drive (obviously). Step 2 cut your erasers, one will act as the cap so you'll want to use almost all of one eraser for the drive and about half for the cap.

Step 3 you will need to free up the flash drive. The plastic case on my flash drive was easy to pull apart. Just work a fingernail between the pieces and pull it apart. It should look something like this


Step 3 hollow out the inside of both of your rubbers. For this I grabbed a knife and quickly dug out a gap in each piece. Keep testing the fit with the flash drive until it's nice and snug. The same thing goes for the cap (Also be careful and don't cut yourself doing this). Now it should look like this


And now your done!


Personalized Notebook

Step 1: Cut a piece of patterned paper slightly larger than the front of the notebook.

Step 2: Spread a thick layer of glue stick all over the front of the notebook, being careful to include the edges.

Step 3: Smooth the paper onto the glue, avoiding any bubbles and pressing firmly to adhere.

Step 4: Trim around the edges to make the paper even with the edges of the notebook.

Step 5: If you like, you can stop there and just have a pretty patterned notebook! If you’d like to add a pocket, cut a piece of colored paper on an angle.

Step 6: Spread a thick layer of glue stick halfway up the sides and along the bottom of the front of the notebook. Place the card stock over the glue, pressing firmly to adhere.
Step 7: Trim around the excess of the card stock as in Step 4.

Step 8: If desired, place alphabet stickers on the front of the notebook. Spell out anything you like!


Rainbow Watercolour Backpack

Okay so this next one in my opinion is pretty cool! So let's get on with this!


  1. Plain White Backpack
  2. Fabric Markers
  3. Spray Bottle Filled With Water
  4. Paper Towel

Step 1: Start by spraying the backpack with a very light mist of water. Don’t soak it! You want it to be barely damp so the marker slightly bleeds as you color.

Step 2: Using the markers, add color over the entire surface of the backpack. Be sure to alternate the colors you’re using. Don’t worry about saturating the bag with ink. Scribbles are just fine and will still get the same effect.

Step 3: Once you’ve covered a portion of the backpack’s surface with marker, spritz some water over the ink. The more water you add, the more the colors will bleed together, creating a cool watercolor look.

Step 4: Use a paper towel to soak up any extra water that isn’t being absorbed.

Step 5: Seal the color with heat by tossing the backpack in the dryer for a few minutes until it is dry again. Alternatively, you can wait for the backpack to dry and then run over the colorful surface with an iron. It removes wrinkles as a bonus!


And your done. Now you got a totes Tumblr bag!

Easy Chalk Labels

Step 1 Place plain labels on a covered work surface, and spray with some chalkboard paint - be sure you take it outside, just like with any spray paint.

Step 2 You will need 3-4 coats, letting it dry between each coat.

Step 3 Then let the sheet dry overnight.

Step 4 Peel off the label and attach it to where you want it to be - if you are not using the labels for jars, at this point, depending on what you are labeling, you may want to write on the label before applying it to your project.

Step 5 And if you are using a solid sheet of labels, you can use a craft punch to cut out the size of labels you want.

Step 6 Write on the label - for this project, I used a regular fine tip pen, 1) don't plan on re-using the labels 2) since the label is small, I wanted the lettering to be fine and 3) chalkboard pends are £10-£12, this pen was only £3.50. Once you have written on it leave to dry for a few minutes.

And that's it. I did this myself and mine were jar labels. But you can use these cute tumblr labels for anything!


Okay so thank you guys for reading! And tomorrows blog is going to be pretty Tumblr if I do say so myself so look forward to that. Remember as always to leave a like if you enjoyed and comment down below which DIY is your favourite (mine is the backpack). I'll see you all tomorrow. Bye!

Jaz xx

Published by Jasmine Russell