We all have that one person from school who we refer to as our school crush. Yep, mine just so happened to resurface from out of nowhere one month into single life.

So a bit of history to make this all fall into perspective.

He was a year older than me. He was regarded as one of the best looking boys in his year group. I fancied him massively. So much so that I wrote my number down on a piece of paper and forced a friend of mine to find him in the playground and hand the number over. It is so much simpler as a teenager I'm sure. From that a romance blossomed. That is if you call awkward texting, minimal eye contact and a few silent walks around the block after school romance. I'd like to think it is at thirteen years of age but apparently not. There I was in science class with the girls discussing how to kiss a boy, because somehow that was expected now that we had reached year nine.

This boy from school was the first boy to kiss me.

Those school day memories will forever make me smile. That is exactly how I wanted to remember my school crush.

Now remeber that ex boyfriend of mine from my previous blogs? Well he had an ex girlfriend. This ex girlfriend of his dated my school crush the same time I was dating her ex boyfriend. Now make sense of that! Things turned nasty. Jealousy? Who knows. What I do know is that lies were made up about me and I was the only person involved that did not have a voice to defend myself. Ultimately it set up my relationship to fail. And so did theirs. So HA! That is what I call karma.

After being single for a month I received a Facebook message from my school crush. A simple message. Almost a 'testing the waters' message on his part. I'm sure you can guess- I replied.

Now that the crazy ex's were out of the way I found it oddly pleasant to be talking to him. We never discussed our ex's or what happened and that made me realise that it was never about them or the drama they had created. I didn't resent my ex boyfriend for having a past. I resented him for not putting me first. It was refreshing to talk to a person of the opposite sex without any drama. It would be a message here and a message there until it was almost every day.

Safe to say that it was a pleasant distraction.

If the thirteen year old me knew I would be talking to my school crush in just over ten years into the future I would have pee'd my pants.

After several months the messages became less and he met someone.

I never got to thank him. He distracted me when I felt so low about myself and put a smile on my face.

As sad as it may sound sometimes we just need a simple distraction. Mine just so happened to the boy from school that kissed me for the first time. Beat that!

So then, after that I was left deciding what now? With much persuasion from the girls at work I gave online dating a try. Oh how I would regret it! This is also where my love life becomes much more complex and laughable.

Until next time,


Published by Hannah Amanda