School is starting again soon and you know what comes with that. Homework, early mornings and lectures all day. I just want to hide under my bed and not come out, when I think about the life I am going to have when summer is over! 


I will be starting on sociology in september and I am actually looking forward to it and I am a bit nervous, but I guess it will be a new and exciting. I am currently studying Eastern European Studies, but as a side study I will attend sociology for the next year, until i have to write my bachelor thesis. 

If I look at what I have doing the last half a year I feel like it will be very hard for me to start again and be a fulltime student again! Especially after my semester abroad in Sarajevo. Yes, I had to attend some classes, but the whole semester was like a looooong vacation! I had a couple of lectures three days a week and my school days were not long. The biggest part of my time there I was with friends and family and shopped A LOT! I just had the time of my life.
That is why I kind of fear going back to the real university schedule, because I remember how stressful it really is when university life starts! 
Besides school I also have to find a part time work. I can already feel that it is going to be hard!

When University begins again, for all of us, it is important to create a routine. Make a plan about when you have classes, when you have to work, when you have to do homework, when you have time to relax and be with friends and other things not school related. 
I made kind of a schedule plan like that when last year in the autumn semester and I felt that it really helped me. It made things so much easier and I did not get as stressed as I porbably would have been without a plan.

Let's all work hard and show that we are not lazy students!

Published by Elma Omukic